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El Paso ISD Board of Trustees Adopt District’s Strategic Blueprint

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT – Dec. 14, 2022) – The El Paso Independent School District’s Strategic Blueprint, “Hopes and Dreams Realized 2022-2025,” a document that establishes strategic levers and a road map for the district to work toward the hopes and dreams of its students and families, was adopted by the Board of Trustees during its regular board meeting Tuesday, Dec. 13.    

The Board of Trustees developed the Strategic Blueprint with Superintendent Diana Sayavedra. Since joining El Paso ISD in January, Sayavedra has created a variety of initiatives to meet and engage with stakeholders about the future of the district. Input from campuses and the community has guided Sayavedra as she worked with the board to identify El Paso ISD’s strategic priorities and identify how to work toward them by leveraging the district’s strengths.   

“I’m grateful to the Board of Trustees and our stakeholders for their involvement in the development of our Strategic Blueprint. It shows our united commitment to our students and the future of education in El Paso ISD,” Sayavedra said. “This document provides us with a roadmap to ensure student success. It starts with us.”  

The blueprint – titled “Hopes and Dreams Realized 2022-2025” – focuses on a theory of action and identifies strategic levers and essential actions that are high priorities to catapault the district into the move us forward. These levers are supported by essential actions and key targets. They include:  

• Lever 1 – Whole Child Development: El Paso ISD schools foster learning environments for the whole child to thrive.  

• Lever 2 – Academic Excellence: El Paso ISD empowers all learners to excel in current and future pursuits.   

• Lever 3 – Destination District: El Paso ISD solidifies its position as El Paso’s destination district.  

• Lever 4 – Culture of Accountability: El Paso ISD cultivates a culture of transparency, care and service.  

• Lever 5 – Equity by Design: El Paso ISD champions a targeted approach to universal access and system equity.  

Sayavedra said Hopes and Dreams Realized will be a constantly evolving plan that will be adjusted accordingly if the needs of students change.   

The document’s approval comes after the adoption of the district’s Mission and Vision Statements and Core Beliefs during November’s regular board meeting. To view El Paso ISD’s Strategic Blueprint, Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs, visit