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El Paso ISD's Budget Review Committee Holds Second Meeting to Shape Educational Excellence

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT — Dec. 7, 2023) — The El Paso Independent School District hosted the second session of its 2023-2024 Budget Review Committee on Nov. 28, setting the stage for a meticulous and inclusive budget planning process that aligns with the district’s commitment to fostering a culture of accountability. Committee members are selected to represent the district’s organizational make-up. Members return to their respective campus/department to gather feedback and bring information to the group at the following month’s meeting.   

El Paso ISD, recognizing the pivotal role budgeting plays in shaping students’ educational experiences, has long emphasized transparency and community involvement. The committee is charged with gathering input on the 2024-2025 budget priorities from the employee groups.  

In a strategic investment approach, the district aims to create a system of excellence by analyzing the budget and removing barriers that may hinder student growth and success. The current operating budget stands at $542,930,562, with a healthy fund balance of $128 million, which can cover district expenses for 88 days.  

The adopted budget maintains fiscal responsibility while allowing the district to remain competitive. All district personnel received a 2% general pay increase inclusive of salary pay table alignments and equity adjustments. Rates for extra performance pay, instructional stipends, miscellaneous pay and substitute pay rates received adjustments. The raise comes on the heels of the approval of a new Employee Emergency Leave Donation Pool that allows eligible district employees to donate their sick leave hours to colleagues who have exhausted their own leave accruals. In November, trustees approved a $1,500 one-time employee retention stipend to be delivered to each eligible employee.   

Previously, in the 2022-2023 year, El Paso ISD approved a 7% increase for teachers as well as 10 paid additional days for parental leave, the only district in the region to offer this benefit.  

The district’s budget is the result of a months-long process of careful analysis and collaboration with multiple stakeholder groups, guided by the board's commitment to ensuring every student in the district receives a high-quality education. The plan provides funding for multiple academic programs, professional development opportunities for staff, and the maintenance and improvement of school facilities.    

The culmination of this detailed process occurs in June when the El Paso ISD Board of Trustees adopts the budget. This final decision reflects months of hard work, collaboration, and careful consideration, highlighting the district's commitment to transparency and doing what is best for the students. El Paso ISD remains dedicated to providing the most opportunities for its students, with the Budget Review Committee playing a pivotal role in this ongoing mission.