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Spanish, French students score big on National Foreign Language Exam

National French Exam EPISD 2019   National French Exam EPISD 2019

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- May 20, 2019) — How do you say … awesome?

Hundreds of EPISD students this spring sharpened their foreign language skills and participated in the National Language Exams in Spanish and French.  The results are in, and the District can boast one of the best track records in the country. 

More than 600 EPISD students earned a medal in the National Spanish Exam and 98 students from the district received the same recognition for the National French Exam. 

“These are stunning results,” said Amber James, a facilitator with EPISD’s Connecting Languages Division. “The students showed mastery in language proficiency and skills in comparison to students and peers from throughout the United States. 

Qualifying students in EPISD middle and high schools participated in the program.

In the Spanish examination, EPISD boasted 95 gold medal winners, 247 silver medal winners and 288 bronze medal winners.  Nationally, EPISD is one of the top medal-earning school districts in the Spanish exam.

In the French exam, also known as Le Gran Concours, a total of 98 students earned either a gold, silver or bronze medal. These students were honored during a banquet earlier this month. 

Additionally, EPISD won the sweepstakes award for French in the region. 

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Story by Gustavo Reveles
Photos by Connecting Lang.