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A World With Friends

Lewis Hewit was only 17 months old when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumor and he has been battling illness ever since. He has had over 13 brain surgeries among other surgeries and treatments.  Due to his long-term illnesses he spend a great deal of time in hospital which isn't just tough because of the medical treatment but it also means I miss a lot of time from school.  Over the years every time he started to make friends at school he would end up back in hospital. By the time he returned to school the friendship group had naturally moved on and he found himself having to start all over again. This made him feel lonely and isolated - he felt he couldn't tell anyone about his experiences, good or bad as he just didn't have any friends to talk to. Lewis truly believes that having a friend is one of the most important things in life and is key to our mental and physical wellbeing. Everyone needs someone to talk to, to smile, to laugh and sometimes cry with, so he started A World With Friends!

We are excited to announce that one of our Colts was invited to sing and be part of a beautiful music video. I have attached the link below where you can check him out. You will see him in the 3 min 10 second mark.