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A Message from Diana Sayavedra

Dear El Paso ISD,

Human connection is something we all yearn for. Developing relationships with others is something we all seek to give us purpose and meaning.

I make it a priority to regularly engage with our district’s teachers and leaders. More than that, their involvement is vital in the process of dealing with the factors that impact our mission to inspire and empower students to thrive.

This week, we discussed topics such as artificial intelligence applications and the qualities we want to see in El Paso ISD’s graduates. One overarching theme that emerged from our discussions was that of opportunity. I was enthused by the positive spirit our teachers expressed in our ongoing two-way communication. After all, education is the opportunity equalizer.

I’m proud that our classrooms are a focal point of these opportunities. I applaud the efforts of our teachers and staff who do so much to consistently draw students to class. Earlier this week, I accompanied a group of district leaders who celebrated at schools with the highest attendance percentages earned throughout the third six-weeks period as part of our Show Up, You Matter attendance campaign.

While most of these recognitions are for top performers, we also recognize a Rising Star, a campus that sees a considerable attendance percentage increase from one six-week period to the next. That campus was Irvin High School. I spoke with several Rockets during our stop at the campus and the resounding sentiment from them on why they show up to school is … connection. Students want to come to school to engage in a healthy social network, engage with organizations and be part of a school community. I challenged these students to become influencers in their school and harness the social media channels that are utilized to tout fashion, makeup and footwear, and instead use them to motivate peers to come to school. Thank you to all our teachers for their commitment in making schools a place where students can feel the human connection.

Our athletics and fine arts groups are a prime place to establish these connections. This weekend, we will see the first of 137 El Paso ISD student-athletes begin competition at the Class 4A Region I swimming championships in Andrews, Texas. The Class 5A and 6A meets will be held next week. Also, our El Paso ISD wrestling teams are making final preparations as they prepare for the district championship meets, which begin Thursday, Feb. 1. Best of luck to all of our athletes!

El Paso ISD fine arts educators gave our fifth-graders a show this week. Teachers performed on stage as part of an El Paso Symphony Orchestra performance at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. The 2023 Young People’s Concerts gave students throughout the district a chance to experience classical music in a fun atmosphere. Bravo, to our talented teachers!

It’s been a great first month of 2023. Let’s maintain our connection and continue our path to success.

It starts with us.



Diana Sayavedra
Superintendent of Schools

Jan. 27, 2023