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TCM Packet Parent Information

TCM Packet Parent Information


In EPISD@Home we are committed to providing a high quality and personalized learning approach that will enable learners to excel through empowering experiences that are predictable, flexible and relevant. We are now expanding our menu of learning resources to ensure students can access options that best prepare them for success in the upcoming year.


How is the packet supporting my child’s learning?

  • The contents of the packet will be aligned with the remaining Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • The packet will provide assignments aligned to the above-mentioned Standards for students that cannot log into a virtual lesson using a device.


What will my child be expected to do?

  • Students that have previously logged on are encouraged to continue to do so, and the packet will be assigned as one of the choice items.
  • Students that have never logged on will be assigned pages based on the Standards


How will the teacher support my child’s use of the packet?

  • Teachers will be responsible for communicating instruction with parents and providing/receiving feedback as well as determining progress through their usual means of communication. Example: Class Dojo, Remind, Seesaw, Email, Text and/or Call
  • Teachers will also continue to provide instruction in the areas of Science and Social Studies, with lesson activities that are done through paper/pencil (examples can be found in the sample lesson plans) whether via videoconferencing or through the other modes of communication, as listed above.