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Nearly 250 Bowie Bears graduate Tuesday at Don Haskins Center

(BOWIE HIGH SCHOOL – June 7, 2022) — The Bowie Bears kick off Day 4 of El Paso ISD’s graduation season with 247 seniors walking the stage at UTEP’s Don Haskins Center.  

The Class of 2022 is led by valedictorian Nova Salazar and salutatorian Raul Ramirez Martinez. Bowie’s All Boy and Girl are Joshua Medrano and Blanca Muñoz-Luna. 

Salazar spoke about being a transgender student who found a home at Bowie where students and teachers accepted and welcomed her with open arms. Originally a transfer student, Salazar is a proud Bowie Bear. She concluded her remarks with “once a bear, always a bear…Oso Oso Oso!” 

“Bowie has warmed me from the cold hands of the ridiculously high expectations I put on myself and reassured me that my best is enough,” Salazar said. “For that, I am eternally grateful. I sincerely hope that Bowie will continue to give their students a place where they feel they belong, as it did for me back in freshman year.” 

She found inspiration in obstacles she saw her classmates overcome. 

“You are all more courageous, determined, and strong willed than I am to be able to overcome struggles and still graduate,” Salazar said. “Know that you are much stronger than you think you are. A number on a piece of paper does not define you, class rank does not define you. What defines you is the difficulties you’ve experienced and how we were able to persevere.” 

For Ramirez Martinez, his journey at Bowie included obstacles of life he overcame to attend school daily and be at the top of his class.  

“We must not forget where we came from since it will underscore the magnificent accomplishments of our own,” he said. “Mark this moment as a reminder of our potential as a united community and let's change the world. If it wasn't for a variety of circumstances that's we had to overcome and all the support, I may have never developed an affinity for learning in as many possible areas of life for the prosperity of all.” 

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Story by Reneé de Santos
Photos by Leonel Monroy, Jr.