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677 Franklin High seniors graduate Tuesday at the Don Haskins Center

(FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL -- June 7, 2022) — Franklin High School’s Class of 2022 – El Paso ISD largest graduating class – closed Day 4 of Graduation Season at the Don Haskins Center with 677 graduates.  

The Class of 2022, led by valedictorian Suemin Kim and salutatorian Joshua Do, raked in an impressive $18 million in traditional scholarships and $86 million in non-traditional scholarships including a QuestBridge Scholar Match.  Three students earned more than a million dollars in scholarships: Ayat Adams, $1.2 million; Joshua Massaquoi, $1.2 million; and Maria Schneider, $1.1 million. 

Duke University, Johns Hopkins, Emory Riddle, Swarthmore College, UT Austin, West Point and so many prestigious colleges will be opening the doors for this Franklin Class of 2022 this fall.

“We will all soon be heading in many different directions, making different choices and experiencing different things,” said Do, who will be attending St. Mary’s in the fall. “It may sound scary, going off into the world and going down our own path, but there is one thing that grounds us and pulls us forward. It is the courage that we found when times got tough and when we felt unsure of ourselves. No matter what obstacles are in our way, we will use our courage and continue to move forward.”

All-Girl Madison Blanco reminisced about her time at Franklin and the success of her peers.

“I am inclined to treasure the moments where I was moved by the kindness and encouragement demonstrated by various members of the Cougar family,” Blanco said. “Anyone can find a place in this world, but it takes someone with drive, authenticity, and heart to be able to break down barriers and make a true impact. The type of impact that each of you are capable of because of the Cougar pride that will always roar within you.”

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Story by Reneé de Santos
Photos by Leonel Monroy, Jr.