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Student Spotlight: Frida Sanchez, Austin High School

(AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL -- June 20, 2022) Rising senior Frida Sanchez’s passion for business has earned her more than a dozen Microsoft certifications and has taught her how to assist the community with tax returns. The Austin High student, who’s already preparing for a successful senior year, is the next student selected for Community Engagement’s Student Spotlight.

EPISD: Tell us about your passion for business? 

Frida Sanchez: Through my advanced business class, I was able to learn a lot more about certain business aspects and the importance of soft skills that prior to this class I knew little to nothing about. It made me more invested in learning more on the matter because although I will not be majoring in business, it is still an important field to be well informed on.

EPISD: What certifications have you earned?

FS: I’ve earned a total of 13 certifications this school year. For Microsoft Office Specialist-Associate which consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2019. Then I obtained my Microsoft Office Specialist Expert which included: Word and Excel 2019 Expert. And then I got three Internal Revenue Service’s VITA/CTE Training sponsored by GECU. Lastly, I obtained two EverFi certifications: Financial Literacy and Keys to Your Future.

EPISD: How do you hope the certifications help you after graduation?

FS: I hope that having these certifications will somehow expand more opportunities for me outside of school. Obtaining these certifications has not only taught me a lot about various software and finance but also made me more willing to try to give certain things a chance.

EPISD: Tell us about being a tax preparer volunteer. How did you get involved in helping people with their taxes? 

FS: I first learned about the GECU Vita program through my business teacher, Mrs. Marquez. She offered it to our class, and I thought that this type of opportunity was something I should not let pass by. I was able to volunteer once I completed the training and passed the exams. Through this I was able to gain a much better understanding of how income taxes and filing returns work. Helping people with their tax returns felt very rewarding because of how appreciative they were.

EPISD: What other activities are you involved in? 

FS: I was focused on preparing for the Microsoft exams. I also volunteered in the food pantry which was through the GECU Community Development program as well.

EPISD: How did you enjoy taking the Ever Fi courses? What did you learn? 

FS: The Everfi Financial Literacy course was very beneficial for me to take especially in the upcoming years because it talked a lot about useful topics such as taxes, banking basics and insurance, etc. As a junior, the keys to the future had a lot relevant information that is very helpful to me. I liked the lesson on balancing daily life. EverFi taught me important finance and life skills.

EPISD: What do you plan to study and what are your career aspirations? How do you hope your education at Austin prepares you for a future career?  

FS: I plan on studying physical therapy in the near future. I’m hoping next year, with the help of my counselor and college advisor, I’ll be able to look into scholarships for the college I want to go to in order to make that happen.

EPISD: What do you look forward to this summer? 

FS: I really look forward to hanging out with my best friend and family. To just relax and spend time working on my hobbies which are reading and running.

EPISD: Anything you’d like to add?  

FS: I’m looking forward to my senior year, getting more experience, knowledge, and being involved in community service through the VITA program again, but also in National Honor Society.