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Virtual gallery showcases quarantine art from students, staff

virtual art gallery  virtual art gallery

virtual art gallery  virtual art gallery

virtual art gallery  virtual art gallery

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- April 15, 2020) — Isolation does not mean a lack of inspiration. And for visual-arts students and art-minded employees in EPISD there is now a new space to showcase the work they are doing while respecting the Stay Home, Work Safe city order.

EPISD’s Fine Arts Department launched a new Virtual Art Gallery this week to display students and employees’ creative expressions during the COVID-19 related campus closures.

“During these trying times, we recognize that the creative process is intimately connected to the healing process,” said visual arts facilitator Rosa Aguilar. “The arts allow for reflection and, most importantly serves as a catalyst to alleviate feelings of anxiety and loneliness during this time of social distancing.” 

The first exhibit titled “Collective Isolation” is available for viewing here and is continuously adding more pieces every day.   

Students, faculty, staff and community members can share their artwork by submitting it to Submissions should include the person’s name, their school or department and the name of the art piece.

Fine arts administrators in EPISD said the virtual exhibit opens the audience of viewing globally, giving artists an unlimited opportunity to share their work.

“Our virtual gallery is a space where our community of K-12 students will show their artwork next to artists, educators, administrators and department staff,” Aguilar said. “As a collective voice, we create artwork in isolation but we come together as one to celebrate the strength of the human spirit.”  

Story by Reneé De Santos