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Henderson students get a jump start on future medical career

Henderson MCA  Henderson MCA  Henderson MCA  Henderson MCA

NOTE: The following article was written by Henderson Middle School student Serena Evans and originaly appeared in The Hive Newsletter. 

(HENDERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL — Dec. 4, 2018) -- Students at Henderson Middle School who are interested in the medical field were lucky enough to visit the Medical Center of the Americas recently. The 60,000 square foot building consists of medical labs and research spaces that many healthcare professionals, life science researchers, and biomedical entrepreneurs use to collaborate.

The field trip was an excellent learning experience for students because they learned that working in the medical field does not mean that they have to focus on one specialty their entire career. Instead, they can expand and major in different medical areas at the same time.

This is good for students since their thoughts of the medical field is limited which leads them to not pursue their medical dreams. This experience also taught students more about the highly specialized medical equipment that exists and how to use it.  

Students can now use what they were taught to expand their knowledge in the medical field and look forward to the biomedical advances that researchers at the MCA make.

“Overall, it was a great experience because these real-life researchers provided us with information of the steps needed to achieve success in the biomedical field," said Henderson Middle eighth-grader Anahi Bustamante. "To me, that is invaluable.”

Story by Serena Evans
Photos by Henderson Middle