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Tom Lea students use Active Learning during museum visit

Tom Lea Art Tom Lea Art Tom Lea Art Tom Lea Art

Tom Lea Art

(EL PASO MUSEUM OF ART -- Feb. 11, 2019) — The Active Learning Framework came to life in beautiful Downtown El Paso last week when the Tom Lea Elementary School Bulls visited the El Paso Museum of Art. 

The students, under the guidance of art teacher Christina Sordini, got a one-on-one lesson on ceramics from artist Philip Romero.  The students even got to create their own pottery.

Sordini said students used their math and science skills to make Active Learning connections to art.

The visit to the museum ended with a guided tour of the exhibits, with an emphasis on augmented reality art, impasto, African-American prints and French salon-style paintings. 

Of course, the students were thrilled to view original art from the campus’ namesake, El Paso legendary artist Tom Lea. 


Story by Gustavo Reveles
Photos courtesy of Tom Lea ES