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Federal Impact Aid Census

The El Paso Independent School District is conducting its annual Federal Impact Aid Census for all students enrolled in the district. The purpose of the census is to identify students with the following situations:

  • Reside on federal property
  • Parents are active military
  • Parents report to work on federal property

The information submitted is crucial to the operations budget for the El Paso Independent School District. In Texas, school funds come from local residential and business property taxes, but in the case of those children who reside on federal property or whose parent is employed there, the amount of local tax revenue is reduced. At the same time, the cost to the district of educating children who reside on tax-exempt property is the same as for all other children. To compensate for this reduction in tax revenue, the federal government authorizes payments to the school district based on the pupil's residence or the parent's employment on federal property.

Students will be bringing home the survey Wednesday, August 31, 2022. All parents are asked to fill out the form, regardless of government affiliation. Please return the form by Friday, September 2, 2022.