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Student filmmakers walk the red carpet at EPISD Film Festival

Student filmmakers from across the El Paso region walked the red carpet for the EPISD Film Festival last weekend earning high marks for their masterpieces. Filmmakers of all grade levels wrote, created, acted and edited amazing entries for the festival. Special thanks to TFCU who sponsored the $250 award for Best in Show for the elementary and secondary winners.

Watch all the films on the EPISD Film Festival YouTube channel.

Check out the secondary and elementary winners: 

Elementary Winners

Mystery 3-5 
1st place "The Missing Girl" - Park Elementary
2nd place "The Note" - Park Elementary

Comedy 3-5
1st place "Day in the Life of a Crossing Guard" Putnam Elementary
2nd place "Animal Zoom" - Reyes Elementary, Canutillo ISD

Drama 3-5
1st place "Heartbreak" - Rivera Elementary
2nd place "The Hair Dye Bully" - Frank Macias Elementary, Clint ISD

Animation K-2
1st place "Don't Eat Me" - Herrera Elementary
2nd place "The End of the World" - Herrera Elementary

Animation 3-5
1st place "The Christmas Truce" - Rivera Elementary
2nd place "Macadamia and Alex's Deal" - Glen Cove Elementary, Ysleta ISD

Action 3-5
1st place "Understable: A Disc Golf Movie" - Putnam Elementary
2nd place "A New World: Unicorns"- Putnam Elementary

Digital Story K-2
1st place "The Perfect One" - Cooley Elementary
2nd place "Happy Besties" - Park Elementary

Educational K-2
1st place "Mystery at the Moon" - Herrera Elementary
2nd place "The Moon and the Start" - Herrera Elementary

Educational 3-5
1st place "Make a Character" - Rivera Elementary
2nd place "How to Draw Landscapes" - Rivera Elementary

Documentary K-2
1st place "Theodore's Violin" - Mesita Elementary, El Paso ISD

Documentary 3-5
1st Place "Secrets of the Zoo: El Paso Edition" - Reyes Elementary, Canutillo ISD
2nd place "Fun Day" - Putnam Elementary

"Day in the Life of a Crossing Guard" - Putnam Elementary

Secondary Winners

Mystery 9-12 
1st place "The Murder on Ollypop Lane" -  Coronado HS
2nd place "Reflection" -  Del Valle HS, Ysleta ISD

Drama 6-8
1st place "Shifters" - Hornedo MS
2nd place "The Missing Piece" - Hornedo MS

Drama 9-12
1st place "Lost in Space" - Coronado HS
2nd place "Life Will Change" - Franklin HS

Comedy 9-12
1st place "The Invitation" - Del Valle HS, Ysleta ISD
2nd place "As the Chips Roll" - Coronado HS

Action 9-12
1st place "Lucid Dreams" - Del Valle HS, Ysleta ISD
2nd place "Home Alone" - Del Valle HS, Ysleta ISD

Animation 6-8
1st place "Past to the Future Part 1" - Hernando MS, SocorroISD
2nd place "For One's Self" -  Aldrete MS, Canutillo ISD

Animation 9-12
1st place "The Medium" - Franklin HS
2nd place "Luno" - Franklin HS

Music Video 9-12
1st place "Pride of the Westside" - Coronado HS
2nd place "Mi Lado Amoroso" - Socorro HS, Socorro ISD

Educational 9-12
1st place "Smile" - Coronado HS
2nd place "A Tale of a Turtle" - Coronado HS

Documentary 9-12
1st Place "The Path to Greatness" - Austin HS
2nd place "Nacho Average Security Guard" - Coronado HS

Extended Length 9-12
1st place "Daydream" - Pebble Hills HS, Socorro ISD
2nd Place "Love You" - El Dorado HS, Socorro ISD

"Daydream" - Pebble Hills HS, Socorro ISD