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Students learn English in a SNAP!

SNAP Summer Program at Bassett Middle

SNAP Summer Program at Bassett Middle     SNAP Summer Program at Bassett Middle

(BASSETT MIDDLE SCHOOL -- June 24, 2019) — English learners from all over EPISD spent a couple of weeks developing their vocabulary skills in an innovative camp that combined language acquisition with active learning.

The Summer Newcomers Academy Program, or SNAP, allowed middle-school students who are learning English the opportunity to hone their English skills at one of four camps. The camps were sited at Armendariz, Bassett, Guillen and Ross middle schools. 

SNAP programming ended on June 20 with a showcase of all the fun activities in which the students engaged during the two-week program.  Those included balloon racing and water rockets. 

Teacher Jerusha Hunt, the coordinator of the program, said SNAP is designed to get the students ready for a full year of active learning in English when the 2019-20 school year kicks off in August.   

Story by Gustavo Reveles
Photos by Leonel Monroy