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Science Fair - An opportunity to show what you know!


On December 12th, Lamar held its Science Fair.  There were many amazing projects entered.  This fair reflects many hours of students’ hard work and parental support.  We wish to thank our science coach, Mrs. Maria Flores, for all her hard work and dedication in planning and organizing this annual event.


We would like to thank and acknowledge the many community members who were judges for the Science Fair:


Rosalie J. Luckey, Ernesto Ortiz, Joann Arrendondo, Mark Mendoza, Sandra Mendez Hdz, Shalimar Cardenas


Carmen Gonzalez, Michael Wood, Susan Nevarez, Luis Arnal, Selene Herrera, Nikita Jimenez, Bryan Alvarez, Christian Corrales

Lions Club:

Norma Flores, Ben Flores


Chis Webb, Alejandro Frias, Blanca Ortiz, Grace Butterworth, Vanessa Duran, Alexis Avila, Vivian Jauregui, Angelica Jauregui, Adam Avila


The judges were truly impressed with the quality of work our students demonstrated.


Sweepstakes Winners:

Marina Legaretta – 1D

Melina Cardenas – 2D

Nathan Medellin -2B

Adrian Muniz – 2B

Diego Romero – 2C

Hope Gamez - 2D

Franco Roldan – 2D

Mia Garcia – 3A

Isabella Martinez – 3B

Avianna Rosales – 3B

Oscar Thomas – 3C

Alexa Perez – 3D

Elizabeth Vasquez – 3D

Maximo Calzada – 4C

Angelica Hernandez – 4C

Paola Zamora – 4D

Jennifer Jimenez – 5A

Aimee Gomez – 5B

Avril Zepeda – 5B

Camila Garcia – 5C

Veronica Chavez – 5C

Amy Bernal – 5C

Ruben Martinez – 5C