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El Paso ISD launches Reconnect EPISD Attendance/Recovery Walk initiative aimed at bolstering daily attendance

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT — Sept. 8, 2023) — El Paso ISD Superintendent Diana Sayavedra and Board President Israel Irrobali welcomed El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Judge Josh Herrera, and U.S. Army School Liaison Officer Dwain Gulley to district headquarters Friday as the district kicked off its Reconnect EPISD Attendance/Recovery Walk initiative.  

The campaign aims to promote consistent attendance and is initiated in conjunction with national Attendance Awareness Month. It is a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and emphasizing the importance of regular school attendance. By creating opportunities for El Paso ISD administrators and staff to connect with parents, community leaders, and local organizations, the event symbolizes the collective effort to ensure every student’s success.   

After Friday morning’s news conference at central office, administrative leaders and Alpha Team members fanned out across the district’s geographic footprint to visit with families at their homes to outline plans for students to maintain or resume their educational paths after the challenges of the previous school year.   

“You all have heard me say that I firmly believe that education is the opportunity equalizer. Attendance is the No. 1 predictor of student success,” Superintendent Diana Sayavedra said. “Because we firmly believe those things, today is a day for us to launch and reconnect with families whose children are struggling to make it to school on a regular basis.” 

Reconnect EPISD also serves as a powerful reminder that every day of school matters, and that every student’s presence plays a vital role in their academic and personal growth. By ensuring strong connections that are vital for academic achievement, the district fosters an inclusive environment that inspires and empowers students to thrive. Another walk is scheduled for Sept. 20 with plans for more throughout the year already in the works.    

Reconnect EPISD joins another impactful attendance initiative scheduled for this month. The district’s Show Up, You Matter campaign, which celebrates campuses doing exemplary work to get students to show up consistently, will recognize the first set of campuses with positive attendance figures in two weeks. Superintendent Sayavedra and other El Paso ISD leaders will visit campuses throughout the year to show appreciation to teachers, administrators, staff, and parents for all they do to make sure students have safe and comfortable environments.   

For students who have social and emotional learning needs, the district has resources available to assist. El Paso ISD’s partnership with Emergence Health Network is one of those options. El Paso ISD is the first in the region to adopt a campus-based mental health delivery model to provide on-campus support services to strengthen students’ social and emotional well-being. The grant-funded partnership currently serves five campuses — Chapin, El Paso, Franklin and Irvin high schools and Canyon Hills Middle School. This partnership allows El Paso ISD to establish programs that can bolster the district’s commitment to developing the whole child. To learn more about social and emotional learning resources available to students, visit