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Franklin High School Student receives Air Force Junior ROTC Silver Valor Award for heroic actions

(FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL — Sept. 29, 2023) — A Franklin High School senior — Cadet Senior Airman Scott Spidel — was honored Friday for his remarkable heroism during a medical emergency that played a pivotal role in saving the life of a classmate and fellow cadet. Spidel received the prestigious Air Force Junior ROTC Silver Valor award in recognition of his quick thinking and selfless actions on March 2, 2023.  

The incident unfolded as Spidel and the student were carrying out their duties of hanging Air Force Junior ROTC posters in the hallways of Franklin High School. Their mission took an unexpected turn when an administrator directed the student to retrieve a replacement student identification badge from the student activities office. 

As they made their way to the office, the student experienced a medical emergency that began with dizziness and weakness. In the face of this critical situation, Spidel acted swiftly and decisively. He immediately had the student sit down and ran to a nearby vending machine to purchase food to assist his comrade. Upon Spidel’s return, the student was receiving attention from the school nurse, who had promptly activated emergency medical services due to his worsening condition.  

Responding to the nurse's request for assistance, Spidel rushed to the Air Force Junior ROTC classroom to retrieve his fellow student’s backpack, which contained additional rescue nutrition. Spidel's actions ensured that the student received the necessary sustenance in time, averting a far worse situation.  

In recognition of his quick thinking, composure under pressure, and unwavering dedication to his comrade, Spidel was recommended for receipt of the Silver Valor award. This prestigious honor not only reflects greatly upon Spidel but also underscores the values of the U.S. Air Force JROTC. 

“I didn't think twice about what needed to be done,” Spidel said. “This was not just a fellow cadet; this was one of brothers. I couldn't stand by and do nothing at a moment when he needed me. I'm honored to receive this award, but it was a team effort, and I'm grateful that everyone is safe." 

The Air Force Junior ROTC Silver Valor award is a testament to the exceptional character and courage displayed by Spidel during a critical moment. It serves as an inspiration to the entire Franklin High School community and highlights the importance of preparedness and selflessness when faced with challenging situations.