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Hour of Code helps teachers modernize their instruction

Hour of Code  Hour of Code  Hour of Code  Hour of Code

(EPISD PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER -- Dec. 6, 2017) — Dozens of EPISD teachers this week got a hands-on lesson on ways they can incorporate computer coding into their curriculums … even when there are no computers around. 

The Hour of Code training at the Professional Development Center helped teachers explore coding using online and – yes even “unplugged – resources. The professional development session is part of Computer Science Week. 

“The door to coding is slightly open,” John Rocha of Active Learning told teachers. “It is now your job to kick it open for your kids. 

Instructors were greeted by Dr. Martine Ceberio from UTEP’s Computer Science department who spoke about her research in decision-making under uncertainty. 

Sessions demonstrating tools like Legos and Bee Bots were provided as well as having students showcase what their schools are doing to amp up their computer science curriculum. 

Chapin High School allows future technology professionals to warm up their skills by creating their own apps using online programs by MIT. 

Student Jacob Almanzia created an app that allows users to organize their to-do lists by deadlines. 

“What I like about making these apps is I benefit from them by learning,” Almanzia said, “but the users benefit from having them.” 

Edgar Del Rivero is also making his own apps in class, and is excited for where Chapin’s coding programs will take him.

“I have learned a lot,” Del Rivero said. “Yet there is still so much more to be taught.”

Story by Andrea Cortez
Photos by Leonel Monroy