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Green students get lesson in adventure

Green Author

(GREEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- March 6, 2019) — Students at Green Elementary last week embarked on a white-water adventure, an expedition for Incan gold and a trip down the Amazon searching for illegal loggers — all this without ever leaving their school.

Vermont-based author and photographer Peter Lourie visited the West Side school during a stop in El Paso to share his stories distant lands that include lessons in history, anthropology and geography

Lourie – a natural-born storyteller – managed to thrill the students and keep their rapt attention. 

His adventures also gave students an important life lesson:  getting good at something takes perseverance and not being afraid to try things.

“You’ll get better with time,” he told his young audience.  

He said even small words of encouragement from teachers can help develop a student’s love for learning.   

“Explore different things and be curious,” he said. “It allows you to discover what you love and what you don’t.”  

Lourie has written 26 books and he shared with students the difficulty that goes into writing. 

He said becoming an author was a dream for him, and he encouraged students to follow their own dreams, especially if those dreams help them tell their stories.

Story and photo by Elena Fitzmaurice