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Niños celebrate with libros

 Dia de los Libros at Jeff   Dia de los Libros at Jeff   Dia de los Libros at Jeff   Dia de los Libros at Jeff   Dia de los Libros at Jeff   Dia de los Libros at Jeff

(JEFFERSON/SILVA HIGH SCHOOL -- May 1, 2019) — Students of all ages celebrated Día de los Niños, or Day of the Child, on Tuesday with a festival that encouraged reading and comradery among children from throughout the Jefferson pattern schools. 

Librarians organized the event, which coincided with the Mexican holiday that celebrates children. The event was dubbed Día de los Libros, or Day of the Books. 

Jefferson student volunteers taught the younger students to make bracelets, painted their faces, joined them in games and helped them select books. 

“I like that we’re promoting literature and getting kids to know more about books,” said senior Wendy Salazar. “This event promotes literacy for the kids and improves their knowledge by reading more.”

Senior Daniel Loera, a regular at the library, handed out bookmarks and offered assistance to the younger students seeking something new to read. 

“This promotes reading and that’s always a good thing,” he said. “It helps you learn and makes you more creative.”

Cooley Elementary fourth-grader Sabrina Flores searched the tables of books with her younger sister Zoey.  

“I came here to enjoy the experience and get a book,” she said, her face already painted with hearts. “I like books that are scary or fiction or are entertaining.”

Meanwhile, Zoey – her face painted in the likeness of the Flash – accepted a challenge to run across the courtyard to show off her speed. The first-grader had come prepared with a backpack to stash her new books for her and her sister. 

“I’m getting this one for my sister because she likes chapter books,” Zoey said. “I like scary books, too.” 

The Flores sisters were among the many elementary students interacting with Jefferson students, while also getting to know their future high school. 

“It's important for us to include our feeder schools because we want to have a connection with them and we want them to get to know our teachers and the students here,” librarian Erica Acosta said. “And we want to build pride in our area.”

Story and photos by Reneé de Santos