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EPISD Council of PTAs celebrates its accomplishments during annual luncheon

Council of PTAs luncheon 2019   Council of PTAs luncheon 2019   Council of PTAs luncheon 2019   Council of PTAs luncheon 2019   Council of PTAs luncheon 2019   Council of PTAs luncheon 2019

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- May 8, 2019) — The EPISD Council of PTAs celebrated the end of the year last week at the Radisson Hotel by installing its new officers and awarding campuses and school PTAs for their achievements during the 2018-19 school year.

One of the first orders of business was for Texas PTA President Sheri Doss to install the 2019-20 slate of officers. They are:

  • Victoria Goldman, President                       
  • Georgina Williams, First Vice President –  Aide to the President
  • Christina Fenstermacher, Second Vice President Andress/Irvin
  • Amy John, Fourth Vice President Bowie/El Paso
  • Christina Payan, Fifth Vice President Burges/Jefferson
  •  Jessica Brown, Sixth Vice President Coronado/Franklin                       
  • Andi Janoe, Secretary
  • Nikki Harrison, Treasurer


Campuses received awards in the following categories:

Campuses with the most volunteer hours

  • Hornedo Middle
  • White Elementary
  • Logan Elementary
  • Tippin Elementary

Historian Award

  • Polk Elementary
  • Western Hills Elementary
  • Tippin Elementary


Superintendent Award for campuses with 100 percent participation

  • Roberts Elementary PTA
  • Hornedo Middle PTA
  • Lincoln Middle PTA
  • White Elementary PTA
  • MacArthur PTA
  • Polk Elementary PTA

Attendance for campuses with 100 percent participation at General Council Meetings from three delegates

  • Charles Middle
  • Schuster Elementary
  • Terrace Hills Middle
  • El Paso High
  • Mesita Elementary
  • Wiggs Middle
  • Burleson Elementary
  • Cielo Vista Elementary
  • Hughey Elementary
  • MacArthur School
  • Coronado High
  • Bond Elementary
  • Hornedo Middle
  • Polk Elementary
  • Roberts Elementary
  • Tippin Elementary
  • White Elementary

Membership Increase Award for campuses who increased by more than 100 members

  • Milam Elementary
  • Coronado High
  • Crosby Elementary
  • Wiggs Middle
  • Nixon Elementary
  • El Paso High
  • Polk Elementary
  • Lincoln Middle
  • Logan Elementary
  • Tippin Elementary
  • Morehead Middle
  • Schuster Elementary
  • White Elementary

Reflections Awards/Categories are:

  • Intermediate Literature: Charlotte Jackson from Polk Elementary
  • Middle School Literature: Deena Al-Dahwi from Hornedo Middle
  • High School Literature: Srilakshmi Muthyala from Coronado High


Primary Film Production: Caiden Esquival from Western Hills Elementary

Intermediate Film Production: Francisco Navarro from Tippin Elementary


Middle School Dance Choreography: Deena Al-Dahwi from Hornedo Middle


Primary Visual Arts: Sophie Nelson from Lundy Elementary

Intermediate Visual Arts: Ana Sofia Quintana from Lundy Elementary

Middle School Visual Arts: Jacki Solis from Hornedo Middle 


Primary Music Composition: Claire Larsen from Mitzi Bond Elementary

Intermediate Music Composition: Ella Larsen from Mitzi Bond Elementary

High School Music Composition: Alan Romero from Franklin High


Primary Photography: Jacob Martinez from Mitzi Bond Elementary

Intermediate Photography: Duke Grine from Mitzi Bond Elementary

Middle School Photography: Andrew Grine from Lincoln Middle

High School Photography: Eleanor Ann Schoenbrun from Franklin High

Story by Reneé de Santos
Photos by Leonel Monroy