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EPISD reviewing reopening plans amid city mandate expiration

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Sept. 1, 2020) — Following the expiration of the city’s Department of Health mandate on Sept. 7, the El Paso Independent School District is reviewing its reopening timeline for on-campus instruction.

The District approved an extension for full remote learning for all students for an additional four weeks. However, the city’s Department of Health released revised guidelines this week. While the guidelines do not give specific information or regulations for schools, school districts were provided the opportunity to reevaluate current conditions and individual needs.

EPISD will continue remote learning for all students after Sept. 7. The District is in the process of reviewing all options and will provide further information and details for on-campus instruction in the near future.

“Every parent needs to weigh the options and the risks and decide what is best for his or her family,” Superintendent Juan Cabrera said. “We have served and supported our families from day one of this pandemic and will continue to do so to our greatest capacity. Parents have choices and, at the end of the day, we want them to know EPISD is here to serve.”

EPISD will send a new Reopening Survey to parents indicating the instructional options that will be available. All parents must complete the new survey prior to Sept. 9.

Parents need to select an option for instruction given the new set of circumstances in place for the reopening of campuses. The instructional options are:

  • Full, at-home virtual learning for all grade levels.
  • Daily, on-campus instruction for grades pre-kinder through eighth grade.
  • Staggered (hybrid) for high school students only.

EPISD has published a School Reopening Guideline for students and employees outlining plans and rules for the safe return to on-campus instruction. That plan can be viewed here:

Story by Gustavo Reveles