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EPISD announces timeline for in-person instruction

in-person instruction episd

*Editor's note: EPISD has changed the date of the return to campus for students to Oct. 19 and Oct. 26. See main page for details.

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Sept. 14, 2020) EPISD will reopen campuses for in-person instruction in phases starting on Oct. 1 for students whose parents chose on-campus.

The District will continue to offer full virtual learning to students who wish to remain at home during the pandemic.

Administrators on Monday unveiled a timeline for the reopening of campuses that centers on the safety and health of students and employees. The time frame for the reopening of campuses is as follows:

  • Oct. 1 and 2: Identified student populations in special-education and early childhood education may return to school for instruction five days a week.

  • Week of Oct. 5-9:

    o Sixth-gradestudentsmayreturnforin-personinstructionfivedaysaweek

   o Ninth-gradersmayreturnforin-personinstructionusingthehybrid/staggeredschedule (two days in-school instruction, three days distance learning at home). 

  • Week of Oct. 19:
o AllstudentsinPre-Kthrougheighth-grademayreturnforin-personinstructionfivedays a week. 
o Allhigh-schoolstudentsmayreturnforin-personinstructionusingthehybrid/staggered schedule (two days in-school instruction, three days distance learning at home).

For more details visit:

Teachers and other employees in the District will begin reporting for on-campus safety training and classroom setup in phases, depending on their assignment and duties, starting on Sept. 28. All employees in the District will return to work in person by Oct. 7.

“We are excited to welcome our students and teachers back, but we continue to place the health and safety of our families as our top priority as we reopen our schools,” said Superintendent Juan E. Cabrera. “While our students will be back on campus, things will look differently, and we will ask them and our employees to comply with the detailed guidelines that will be in place to make our campuses as safe as possible.”

EPISD has spent months working with health officials and experts to develop a thorough School Reopening Guide for Students & Parents, as well as a guide for all employees. To view the guides, visit the EPISD School Reopening webpage.  

Story by Gustavo Reveles
Graphic by Gabriela Warren