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EPISD Senior Spotlight: Jack Himes, Franklin High

Jack Himes

(FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL -- Sept. 15, 2020) — Jack Himes high-school career has been a well-balanced act between his academic goals and his passion for swimming. The varsity swimmer and National Honor Society is one of five EPISD seniors (and one of only six in El Paso) to be named a semifinalist for the prestigious National Merit Scholarship. EPISD’S Office of Community Engagement sat down with him virtually to highlight his achievements for our Senior Spotlight.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: What does it mean to you to be named a National Merit Semifinalist?

JACK HIMES: It is fruit of the hard work that I've put into school my whole life. Becoming a National Merit Semifinalist also opens several more options for college. It is a springboard for me to reach even better jobs that align with my desires for a career.


CE: What kind of advice would you give juniors who will be taking the PSAT this fall?

JH: Start studying now and take as many practice tests as you can, especially with SATs, which are a bit harder. 


CE: How have you adapted to virtual learning? 

JH: I haven't really changed much. I just get to work every day and give it my all. The best thing that you can do is ask questions and stay engaged with your teachers.


CE: What are your hopes for your senior year? 

JH: I intend to continue to get straight As and improve my class rank a little bit. I also plan on applying to a bunch of schools so that I can get the best scholarships that I can acquire. 


CE: Where do you plan to go to college and what do you plan to study? 

JH: I am not sure where I want to go to college, especially because getting National Merit has opened up a few doors for me in places that I wasn't previously considering. I would like to study mechanical engineering. 


CE: What are your honors and achievements in high school?

JH: I was top 5 Freshman year (where I lettered academically), I lettered in varsity swimming, and I am currently ranked number 10 out of 723 students.


CE: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

JH: I am in National Honor Society, Franklin varsity swimming and I volunteer at my church as a member of the tech team.


CE:  What advice would you give incoming freshman?

JH: The best advice I could give freshmen is to have a well-established sleep schedule and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. I have found that this has allowed me to work faster and get better grades, which gives me more free time and less stress.


CE: What have you been doing outside of academics to get through the pandemic? 

JH: I have continued to keep in touch with my friends and I got a summer job.


CE: What is the first thing you plan to do when the pandemic is over? 

JH: I don’t like to count my chickens before they hatch, it really depends on when the pandemic ends. I might go on college tours for a lot of schools around the country.


CE: Anything you’d like to add?

JH: Work smart and work hard. If you do this, you can achieve anything. 


Interview by Reneé de Santos