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EPISD launches COVID-19 dashboard to inform community

EPISD COVID-19 Dashboard

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Oct. 5, 2020) — EPISD is pleased to announce the creation of a new COVID-19 dashboard which will inform the public about the number and location of COVID-19 infections among students and staff.  The new online dashboard will be updated daily starting today.

The EPISD COVID-19 Dashboard can be found here.
“Parents and employees have the right to know as much information as possible about the impact of the pandemic on our schools, and the dashboard EPISD has created gives extensive data that will let parents make informed decisions about sending their students to our schools,” said Juan E. Cabrera. “EPISD has prioritized transparency during our community this unprecedented pandemic and this dashboard furthers our commitment to keep our community informed in a timely manner.”
The dashboard gives the public extensive information about reported positive cases among students and staff, and breaks down data by campus, grade, gender, and race and ethnicity. It also includes graphs and maps that help parents and community members better understand how the virus is affecting the District.
EPISD will continue to communicate information about positive cases among students and staff who have had contact with other students and personnel while on campus.
It’s important to note that the dashboard includes reported cases among staff and students who have not been present on campus or school-related activities.

Story by Gustavo Reveles
Graphic by Gabriela Warren