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Joint statement from EPISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Juan E. Cabrera


After seven successful years, Juan Cabrera has announced his resignation as Superintendent of Schools for the El Paso Independent School District. A mutual agreement has been reached which allows Mr. Cabrera the ability to pursue other interests and permits the Board to pursue hiring another Superintendent. On behalf of the entire District, the Board of Trustees expresses its sincere appreciation to Mr. Cabrera for his accomplishments, which have benefited the students, teachers and El Paso community. 

When Superintendent Cabrera arrived in 2013, EPISD was under state control and one of the poorest performing districts in the state. Today, EPISD is oe of the best performing urban districts in Texas and achieved an extraordinary District rating of 88 in 2019.  

A few of the highlights under Superintendent Cabrera’s leadership include: the largest district-wide dual-language program in the country, 100% one-to-one technology providing all students Apple MacBooks and. iPads, and expanding access across the District to IB, medical magnets, SEL, New Tech project-based learning and PTECH programs. Also, during his tenure, EPISD passed two Tax Ratification Elections and passed the largest bond in county history to help renew our district. 

Mr. Cabrera thanks the present and past Board of Trustees for providing him with the opportunity to serve the El Paso community for over seven years. 

Success requires hard work, dedication, leadership and vision. The Board and Mr. Cabrera wish to acknowledge and recognize the teachers, principals, administrators, staff, students, parents and patrons who have all contributed to the District’s accomplishments.  

The Board extends its best wishes to Mr. Cabrera in his future endeavors. On its part, the Board has appointed an interim superintendent and will soon begin its search for a new Superintendent to ensure the continuation of its success.