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Bliss, Morehead counselors honored by state organization


(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Nov. 10, 2020) — The Lone Star State School Counselor Association honored Bliss Elementary and Morehead Middle with its Bronze Award at its virtual state conference on Monday. 

The Lone Star State School Counselor Association developed a progressive awards system that includes three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  Schools receiving LSSSCA awards demonstrated outstanding comprehensive counseling programs that were data-driven, focused on goal completion and aligned to the American School Counselor Association national model.

Principals from both campuses credit the outstanding work of their counselors for earning the statewide recognition.

“At a time when all of our counseling teams are working incredibly hard to address the many Social Emotional needs of our students, it is so important that we find ways to celebrate the work they do at our schools,” said Morehead Principal Peggy Gustafson. “I am so proud that our Morehead counselors, Ms. Mergil and Ms. Jaime, have received this recognition.  It is a reflection of just how essential our counseling and advising department is.”

Bliss Principal Richie Handy also pointed to the team effort of all staff involved in the counseling process at her unique campus which serves a large population of military family members. The team includes the counselor, a clinical social worker, Focus on Families Intervention specialist and a military and family life counselor.

“Together all the counselors at Bliss Elementary meet the needs of our students and their families,” Handy said.

Story by Reneé de Santos