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Barron students make a deal with local business owners

(BARRON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- March 25, 2022) — A Career-Day visit from a locally owned business, MC Consultants, turned into an impromptu Shark Tank classroom contest where two fifth-grade Barron Elementary students cashed in their ideas for a $250 check.

Barron students holding large checks at school.

Business partners Marcos Vasquez and Carlos Gutierrez, who serve as CEO and CFO of the company, respectively,  highlighted the value of operating a small business to Barron Elementary students for Career Day, including the highs and lows that it brings and encouraged students to "Dream it. Do it. Create your legacy" – the MC Consultants motto.

"We wanted to inspire them," said Vasquez, a Jefferson High alum. The pair decided to put the students' imagination to work and tasked them to design their own business card that included a logo, company name and their future job title. "We wanted to make it more than just a regular Career Day." Vasquez said.

The pair were surprised at how impressive the students' designs were that they decided on the spot to turn the simple task into a competition with a big $500 check for the winner, but found it difficult to narrow it down to just one winner, so they split the prize between Luis Reyes and Abril Esquivel.

Barron students holding checks with business owners.

"They were both so good," said Gutierrez, himself an Irvin High gradute.

Winner Luis Reyes designed a Bugatti car dealership card and gave himself the title of "boss." The career-day presentation inspired Luis to dream big and aspire to become a car dealership owner instead of a car salesman. 

Barron student holding business card design.

"His logo was amazing," Gutierrez said. "We immediately knew this kid was a winner."

Barron student holding check with father.

"I learned that you need to keep trying and never give up," Luis said.

Business card design.

His classmate Abril Esquivel was also awarded a $250 check for her coffee shop business card design. As a coffee lover and frequent Starbucks customer, she decided to turn her passion into a future small business. 

Barron student holding business card design.

"She told me that I could work with her by making all the cakes and cookies," said Abril's mom, Ms. Rodriquez.  "But then a minute later she asked me if she needed to pay me and said she had to think about it a bit more." 

Business card design.

"They taught me that even if they make fun of you, that you just have to ignore it," Abril said. "Don't give up."

She hand wrote a note to the pair thanking them for believing in her.

"I'm so happy to win."

Barron student holding check with mother.

Luis and Abril have big plans ahead and they are already one step ahead of everyone. They have investors who believe in them. They have themselves a deal.

Story by Liliana Gonzalez