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Message from Superintendent Diana Sayavedra

Dear El Paso ISD, 

We have reached the end of the sixth week of school, and while the year is young, we have experienced a series of triumphs.

In the classroom, the efforts of six teachers at Magoffin Middle School were recognized this week by Subaru El Paso when they were presented with $500 gift certificates to and a box filled with supplies for their rooms. Magoffin was the only school in El Paso to be selected for the Subaru El Paso AdoptAClassroom program, which is part of the national Subaru Loves Learning initiative.

On the field, the second of two football games featuring El Paso ISD schools will be played in iconic Sun Bowl Stadium next week. Jefferson and Bowie renew a long-standing South Side rivalry Sept. 16 in the Sun Bowl. The Silver Foxes and Bears are one of the city’s oldest rivalry series, having first played in 1949. This year’s edition of the matchup will kick off at 7 p.m.

Coronado and Franklin faced off Thursday in the Sun Bowl, a momentous setting that has played host to games featuring El Paso ISD schools for more than 15 years. The Sun Bowl is not only home to the UTEP football team, but also the site of the annual Sun Bowl game, the country’s second-oldest bowl game.

Attendance is the number one predictor for student success. Next week, the district will celebrate campuses doing exemplary work to get students to show up consistently. We appreciate everything our teachers, administrators, staff and parents do to make sure our students have safe and comfortable environments. Keep an eye out for news on these efforts next week!

Also, a reminder that parent-teacher conference dates are next week. We will have three dates designated by classification – Sept. 13 for elementary, Sept. 14 for high school, and Sept. 15 for middle school. There will be an early release for students on their respective date. Make plans to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers.

Patriot Day

As we reflect today on the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, let us also pause to consider the importance of resilience. Resilience is defined as, “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness” (Oxford Languages). In the aftermath of those awful attacks, the country displayed a collective resilience, rallying and moving forward, just as it has done many times throughout our history.

In addition to 9/11, our nation has survived two world wars, pandemics, and natural disasters, just to name a few of the challenges our dear United States has faced.

And our city has had its share of tragic events. No matter the adversity, El Pasoans have lifted themselves up, brushed themselves off and proceeded with even greater determination.

Storms are often followed by rainbows. Our rainbow shines brilliantly to remind us that we have the strength to survive any test, any tribulation. We are El Paso Strong. We are resilient! 

It Starts with Us.Diana SayavedraSuperintendent of Schools

Sept. 9, 2022