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A Message from Diana Sayavedra

Dear El Paso ISD:

Each year we pause to recognize a special person who made a profound impact on our nation — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This courageous man advocated for fairness, equity, equality and love for one another during a time of pervasive racial discrimination and injustice. Our country is better today because of his steadfast advocacy. The values he so eloquently articulated are fully embraced by El Paso ISD as an equity-seeking district. Therefore, it is only fitting that we join hands to celebrate his life this weekend.

Bravery was exemplified recently by two of our students. Andress High School seniors Christian Lugo and Tyler Cooper were driving back to school from lunch Dec. 1, 2022, when they noticed Matilde Vega, a World War II veteran, lying on the roadway along Sun Valley Drive near campus. They stopped and exited the vehicle to assist the 95-year-old man who had fallen and was unable to move after fracturing his hip. Vega’s daughter, Margaret Binkley, is immensely grateful for the potentially life-saving assistance provided to her father. She tracked the boys down to thank them for their compassion and quick action. She said the outcome might have been different “if not for their bravery and compassion.”

The actions taken by Christian and Tyler that day are in line with our work on whole child development. As outlined in our Hopes and Dreams Realized 2022-2025 strategic blueprint, El Paso ISD schools foster learning environments for the whole child to thrive. Our teachers work to, among other things, implement meaningful, engaging practices that develop students’ ability to manage and own their behavior. What transpired on the road that day reflects well on those efforts. Kudos to Christian and Tyler for their shining example!

The success of our students in and out of the classroom is our highest priority. I look forward to seeing all of them prosper when we return Tuesday, Jan. 17. We are El Paso’s District!

It starts with us!


Diana Sayavedra
Superintendent of Schools

Jan. 13, 2023