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A Message from Diana Sayavedra

Dear El Paso ISD,

Every February, the U.S. begins a monthlong celebration of the contributions and sacrifices of Black Americans who have helped shape the nation. Black History Month is both a commemoration and a powerful reminder of the need for equitable access to opportunities.  

El Paso ISD is a pioneer in that sentiment. Not only did El Paso’s District give birth to public education in this region, it was also Texas’ first public school district to abolish segregation. On June 21, 1955, board member Ted Andress made a motion five minutes into a Board of Trustees meeting that etched El Paso ISD into history nearly six months before Rosa Parks refused to leave her seat on a bus in Alabama and more than two years before the Little Rock Nine walked into Central High School in Arkansas.  

This paved the way for scores of Black students, teachers and administrators to thrive in our district. And we enter Black History Month with the same commitment to eliminating barriers for all students as our predecessors did nearly 70 years ago.  

When it comes to our students, we are proud to see them continue to shine.  

Our El Paso ISD fine arts programs have produced the most all-state band and choir students of any area district. Our seven all-state choir students will perform at the Texas Music Educators Association state convention in San Antonio later this month. In addition, the Chapin, Coronado and Franklin mariachi programs all qualified for state UIL competition. Congratulations to these outstanding students.  

In athletics, a host of student-athletes in various sports signed their letters of intent to play at the collegiate level earlier this week. It’s exciting to see our talented students continue their academic and athletic careers.  

Let’s make this a great month. Only four weeks left before our students go on spring break!  

It starts with us. 


Diana Sayavedra
Superintendent of Schools

Feb. 3, 2023