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VIP Card Fundraiser

We need your help…

Today we will be starting our 100% contactless online VIP Card fundraiser to support all students and teachers activities. We ask that you help us sell VIP Cards corn to friends and family online. The success of our team’s fundraiser is in your hands.

Click on this link to watch the video:

Register to help…

To get started you’ll need to register/create your student account first. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll see your “Referral Link”. The referral link is to share with friends and family. Your link will send your supporters to buy VIP Cards online and track your sales.

Click on this link to register your student:

Just share the link…

Once your account is created, all we need is to share the fundraiser link (also called the referral link) to all of our friends & family so they can click and support our school. 50% of all sales will be donated to our team! 2022 VIP Cards will be shipped and delivered directly to your supporters’ doorstep anywhere in the country!

Incentives for participating:

  • 1st place top sell will win the MEGA PRIZE $150 visa gift card!
  • 2nd place top seller will win a $100 visa gift card!
  • 3rd place top seller will win a $75 visa gift card!
  • 4th place top seller will win a $25 visa gift card! 5 th place top seller will win a FREE school shirt!

PLUS: every seller that sells 3 cards or more will win 1 FREE VIP CARD