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EPISD Student Spotlight: Brianna Baffert, Coronado High

brianna's purses

brriannas purses

(CORONADO HIGH SCHOOL -- Jan. 7, 2020) — Coronado sophomore Brianna Baffert knew at a young age entrepreneurship would be in her future. She began selling jewelry door-to-door in fourth grade and then upgraded to Etsy and the farmer’s market to sell her merch. Brianna’s sales have done well online, and as she continues to focus on her studies and college she also hopes to take her business to a new level post-pandemic. Community Engagement interviewed her virtually for this edition of Student Spotlight where she offers solid business and kidpreneur advice.

BRIANNA BAFFERT: Tell us about your passion for fashion and making jewelry and how it led to your new business?

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: My business is called Brianna Marie purses and jewelry. I love keeping myself busy and making money so I decided to start a small business of what I enjoy doing, making purses with my sewing machine and making jewelry, and coming up with new ideas each day. 

BB: How did you get started and when?

CE: I started the summer of 2020 by just making purses and selling on Etsy and then I furthered into also making jewelry and expanding my inventory and now I even sell at the farmer’s market.

BB: Are you selling online and where if so?

CE: I do sell on Etsy! My Etsy is briannamariepurses. People have found my business from the farmers market and from my Instagram where I promote my business. 

BB: Who typically buys your merchandise?

CE: I make my products mainly for teens because I think they’ll enjoy it just as much as I do myself, but I do get a lot of younger kids who buy from me as well. 

BB: How has the pandemic affected business and what have you done to keep marketing your business?

CE: I think the pandemic has actually bettered my business because everyone does online shopping now because of the pandemic which helps me get more sells on my Etsy. As well as with the farmers market, I think people get tired of being at home so they come down to the farmers market to support all the small businesses.

BB: What advice can you give to other students who may want to start a business?

CE: Advice I’d give to others who may want to start a small business is to just go for it, don’t let any stop you from your dream because who know you could be something big one day! 

BB: What are your plans for the business?

CE: I plan to start making new prints of purses and to expand my jewelry inventory, and maybe even start by making some handmade tennis skirts. 

BB: What's next for your business?

CE: I want to continue my business and to just get better from here. The more practice the better I will get and come up with new ideas for my small business. 

BB: What are your honors and achievements in high school and what activities do you participate in? 

CE: I have gotten all As and Bs through high school and I’m on the Coronado golf and dance team. I thrive for the best in all of my classes.  

BB: Where do you plan to go to college? What are your career aspirations? 

CE: I plan to either go to UTEP or New Mexico State to be a veterinarian or go into marketing/business. 

BB: What is the first thing you plan to do when the pandemic is over? 

CE: When the pandemic is over, I want to start promoting my business more. 

BB: Anything you’d like to add? 

CE: Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to start my own business of some kind. I would make bracelets and walk door to door trying to sell my products every Sunday. I also would make lemonade stands, and garage sales selling my old clothes. I’ve been selling as early as 4th grade and haven’t stopped and I’m a sophomore now.

Interview by Reneé de Santos