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Four EPISD students selected to serve as HOSA area officers

Dia Gangegunte  Angelina Marranzini   Suemin Kim  Isabelle Cortez








(EL PASO INDEPENDENET SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Jan. 27, 2021) — Congratulations to the four EPISD students who were recently selected to serve on the 2021-22 Texas HOSA Future Health Professionals Area 4 Officer Team! 

The students are:

  • Dia Gangegunte from Silva Health Magnet, president
  • Angelina Marranzini from Silva Health Magnet, vice president
  • Suemin Kim from Franklin High School, secretary
  • Isabelle Cortez from Silva Health Magnet, historian.

Texas HOSA is managed by officers in seven zoned areas lead by student leaders who helped keep members informed of national and state news and organize events and conferences to help students stay involved and competitive.

HOSA is a powerful curricular program of student lead activities designed to develop future leaders for the health care system. HOSA participation provides opportunities for students to:

  • develop effective leadership qualities and skills;
  • enhance communication skills;
  • develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • build self-esteem through individual and group achievement;
  • participate in community service activities;
  • develop character and responsible citizenship traits;
  • set goals for life long learning and make realistic career choices;
  • network with health care professionals and peers who have similar goals;
  • and access student scholarship opportunities. 

Congratulations to the EPISD student leaders who have stepped up to the plate and answered the call to serve. Good luck!

Story by Gustavo Reveles