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EPISD Student Spotlight: Angel Gato, Franklin

Angel Gato, Franklin High

Angel Gato, Franklin High

(FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL -- April 12, 2021) — Franklin’s Angel Gato, a cadet colonel in the Air Force JROTC, recently received an exclusive full-ride Character-in-Leadership Scholarship to New Mexico State University. Angel, who is the head AFJROTC cadet at Franklin and EPISD, is already laying the groundwork for his career in the Air Force by earning his pilot’s license. Angel is the next senior to be featured in the EPISD Student Spotlight.

EPISD: You seem very passionate about AFJROTC. What interested you in the program and how will you continue in college and beyond? 

ANGEL GATO: I wanted to serve and I knew JROTC was the way to go. I will continue in college ROTC and commission as a second lieutenant. Hopefully, I’ll get a flight slot and one day go to Test Pilot School. Maybe, who knows, go to space one day.      

EPISD: Tell us about the full-ride scholarship you received. What does it mean to you?

AG: It means a lot. It's a representation of all the hard work and time I have invested into everything I do. I will be attending NMSU and majoring in Aerospace Science. Additionally, this summer I will start working towards my Airframe & Powerplant license, essentially allowing me to become an aircraft mechanic. I think it would be so cool to be an Air Force pilot and have my A&P because not only would I truly understand the aircraft but have that connection with all the enlisted maintainers. 

EPISD: What are your honors and achievements in high school? 

AG: My biggest achievement during high school is becoming a private pilot and my biggest honor would have to be the EPISD Brigade commander. 
EPISD: What are you doing to bring a sense of normalcy to school during the pandemic?

AG: In JROTC we are still doing events, and although some are virtual it helps a lot. For example, we are soon going to start classes to help cadets get their FAA-107 Commercial Drone license. 

EPISD: How are you staying focused in school during the pandemic?

AG: I have so much going on at the same time that, whenever I get the chance to "breate" I tend to re-group and get back to it.  

EPISD: Have you returned to school? If yes, what made you decide to return and how has the dynamic changed?

AG: I will be going back soon! I just got my first shot for COVID, and once I get my second one, I will be back!

EPISD: What are your interests outside of school?

AG: Well, everything and anything surrounding aviation, and space. It just draws my attention and I find myself staring at the sky a lot! I also ride BMX. 

EPISD: Anything you’d like to add? 

AG:As weird as it sounds its humbling to have received this scholarship. I am so used to constantly struggling, looking for ways to keep moving forward, things not going my way and in other words drowning in work. Yet, I feel comfortable in this situation, thanks to the pressure, examples, and lessons taught by my JROTC family, Boy Scouts, and co-workers. They have slowly and tediously chipped away at me with the end goal to help me become a better person, leader, and family.  I am extremely grateful for that! But the climb never stops, so time to go back to work. 



Interview by Reneé de Santos