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Superintendent Student Advisory Council present yearlong research to Trustees

Super SAC Energy & Environment  Super SAC Social & Emotional Learning

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRIT -- April 13, 2021) — Members of the EPISD Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council presented their yearlong projects to the Board of Trustees today.

The student leaders – some of EPISD’s best and brightest minds hailing from every high school in the District – worked all school year long on two topics: Social & Emotional and Energy & Environment. Their goal is to provide trustees with innovative and student-centric initiatives that can improve instruction and operations throughout the District.

The students in the Social & Emotional Learning addressed counseling and college readiness implementation. The Energy & Environment student group and offered potential programs that would allow students and counselors to better addressed recycling efforts. 

EPISD Trustees were impressed with the level of research and analysis the students demonstrated and asked administration to further look into their recommendations for potential implementation.

To view the Super SAC presentations to the Board, click here

Story by Gustavo Reveles