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Mesita, Tom Lea students win first EPISD Libraries poetry contest

Binah Ochoa Orellana Carolina Mallawaarachchi Maidson Moiller

Naimee Rodriguez Xavier Alvarado Maryam Kahn

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT April 27, 2021) — Young poets from throughout the District showed off their talent and passion for writing in the first-ever EPISD Library Services Poetry Contest.

Judges picked winners in grades third through fifth in both English and Spanish.

The winners are:

  • 3rd Grade English: Maryam Kahn, Mesita Elementary
  • 3rd Grade Spanish: Carolina Mallawaarachchi, Mesita Elementary
  • 4th Grade English: Xavier Alvarado, Tom Lea Elementary
  • 4th Grade Spanish: Naimee Rodriguez, Mesita Elementary
  • 5th Grade English: Maidson Moiller, Tom Lea Elementary
  • 5th Grade Spanish: Binah Ochoa Orellana, Mesita Elementary
Story by Reneé de Santos