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EPISD earns Quality Texas Foundation awards

Texas Quality Foundation Award Ceremony

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- June 26, 2019) — EPISD’s efforts to build sustainability and improve its operations were recognized by the Quality Texas Foundation, an organization that helps government and nonprofits in the state improve their performance. 

EPISD received the Foundation’s Pioneer Level Recognition for its efforts to adopt the Malcolm Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence — a system of leadership and management practices proven to create high performance in organizations. 

The District, in partnership with the City of El Paso and University Medical Center, also earned the inaugural Communities of Excellence Award in recognition of the three entities’ commitment to quality of education, quality of life and quality of healthcare in the El Paso region. 

“EPISD already is a high-performing district and we continue to exhibit significant improvement in our operations in every measurable area,” said Alan Wiernicki, EPISD’s Chief Quality Officer. “We continue to align our priorities and objectives toward developing more efficient and effective results that will improve our services to students, employees, and taxpayers.”

The District plans to increase its collaboration with the city and the hospital district next year to expand on the Communities of Excellence partnership. To bring these best practices to other outfits in the region, the three entities are planning a symposium in the fall. 

Superintendent Juan Cabrera was present at a luncheon in San Antonio this weekend to receive the awards on behalf of the District.  El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and UMC President and CEO Jacob Cintron also were present to receive the award.  

Story by Gustavo Reveles