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Box Tops for Education

Help our school raise funds for the library. We will be participating in the Price's Cap and Lid Program again this year. Below you find a description on the items we are collecting. Collection day will be on Fridays. Please send the caps and lids in a zip lock bag marked with your students name and the teachers section and drop off in the library after announcements. 

* Cap and Lid Program- students collect the caps from all Price's fluid products, Milk, TruMoo Chocolate Milk, Orange Juice, Fruit Drinks and others, plus they can also collect the lids from all Price's Select Ice Cream and Sherbets. they turn them into their schools and the schools them into Price's and a check is written directly to the school for the total number of caps and lids at .05 cents each.

Thank you for your help in making Moye a great place to learn!

- Mrs. Porflit