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Coronado, Kohlberg unite to illustrate storytelling projects

Coronado Kohlberg storytelling  Coronado Kohlberg storytelling

(OLGA KOHLBERG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -- Nov. 12, 2019) — Students from Coronado High School's dual-credit program oined forces with their peers in the Kohlberg dual-language program to bring to life some pretty amazing stories. 

Around 45 "big" students from Coronado traveled to meet with their "little" counterparts at Kohlberg on Friday to listen to their stories and then trascribe them into self-published books. This was part of the Young Authors Unite Project. 

After the books were assembled, both groups of students came together to illustrate the covers. 

"The two schools created an exciting bond of literacy, encouraging life-long learning and fueling all students' passion for writing," said Richard Willaims, the Active Learning Leader at Coroando. 

Story by Gustavo Reveles
Photos by CHS