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Thanksgiving lunches begin in EPISD next week

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Turkey Day festivities in EPISD run through Nov. 22, giving parents a chance to eat a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner with their child in their school cafeteria. The lunchtime tradition spans many years and includes nearly all EPISD campuses.

 “This is one of those events parents and students get excited about,” said Laura Duran, director of food and nutrition services. “School is a home away from home for our students where their classmates, teachers and staff are like their second family. It's a great way to come together as a community and eat a hot, delicious and nutritious Thanksgiving meal.”

 The special lunch also gives parents an opportunity to get a taste of the school cafeteria experience that is a normal part of their child’s day.

 “Parents get to visit their child's cafeteria and my hope is that they have a pleasant dining experience and trust that we take care of their children with great customer service and great food,” Duran said.

 Below is the schedule for lunch:

Nov. 5 – Charles, Bassett, Magoffin and Guillen middle schools; and Tippin Elementary

Nov. 6 – Hornedo and Brown middle schools; Travis Elementary; and Coronado High

Nov. 7 – Hillside, Zavala, Aoy, Western Hills, Guerrero and Tippin elementary schools; Bowie, Jefferson, Austin, Burges, Chapin, Franklin and Irvin high school; Franklin 9th Grade Center; and Wiggs Middle.

Nov. 8 – Hillside, Tippin and Clardy elementary schools; Andress High

Nov. 12 – Herrera and Nixon elementary

Nov. 13 – Herrera, Nixon, White, Hawkins, Douglass, Crosby, Bond, Lundy, Park, Bliss and Dowell elementary schools; and Ross Middle

Nov. 14 – Hart, Crosby, Bliss, Rusk, Whitaker, Barron and Newman elementary; Richardson, Canyon Hills and Armendariz middle schools; and Young Women’s STEAM Prep

Nov. 15 – Lamar, Whitaker and Roberts elementary schools

Nov. 19 – Tom Lea, Crockett, Powell, Lee, Hughey, Clendenin, Green elementary schools; MacArthur Elementary/Intermediate; and Mesita ECDC

Nov. 20 – Tom Lea, Cielo Vista, Moreno, Johnson, Green, Coldwell, Cooley, Crockett, Fannin and Kohlberg elementary schools

Nov. 21 – Cielo Vista, Moreno, Bonham, Moye, Collins, Putnam, Mesita, Polk, Rivera and Stanton elementary; and El Paso High

Nov. 22 – Morehead and Lincoln middle schools