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EPISD Student Spotlight: Amiya Bhakta, Ross Middle

Amiya Bhakta

(ROSS MIDDLE SCHOOL -- March 1, 2021) — Ross Middle School eighth grader Amiya Bhakta is already prepping for a career as an oncologist. She took her first step by gaining admission to EPISD’s Silva Health Magnet High School starting next fall. An active student inside and outside the classroom, she participates in cross country and maintained her athleticism through Ross’ signature Raise Up the Bar program. EPISD Community Engagement sat down with the future physician in this edition of the Student Profile.

EPISD: How are you staying motivated and involved in school during the pandemic?

AMIYA BHAKTA: I am staying involved in school by asking questions so I can have all the information I need to participate in school activities. Talking to my friends and family has helped me stayed motivated, that along with me wanting to achieve my goals.

EPISD: How are you balancing such strong academics and extracurriculars during the pandemic?

AB: Time management is very important so I try to balance all my classes and extracurriculars. Due to COVID, I wasn’t able to participate in any sports, but working out at home was one main thing I did during quarantine.

EPISD: What do you like about Raise Up the Bar and how has it helped you get through the pandemic?

AB: Although I’m not in RUTB this school year, I will always be a part of the family that was there. RUTB is the best program I’ve ever been in. I made new friends, became more confident and hard-working, and also learned how to be a leader. Everyone supported and cheered each other on. It is an amazing environment to be in.

EPISD: How many pre-AP classes have you taken and why is it important to you to take so many pre-AP classes?

AB: All my core classes have been pre-AP since sixth grade. These classes prepare us for future academics, and we have the chance to take more advanced classes in high school as well.

EPISD: What are your honors and achievements in middle school? 

AB: I was inducted into National Junior Honor Society in sixth grade where we volunteered many hours. I received the Raise Up the Bar Award for “Rookie of the Year” in sixth grade.

EPISD: What are you doing to bring a sense of normalcy to school during the pandemic?

AB: In order to bring a sense of normalcy to school, I participated in Zoom calls with my friends and family members. I was also more productive, and I found myself being very busy throughout the day, which in a way, helped me focus more in school.

EPISD: What is the first thing you plan to do when the pandemic is over? 

AB: The first thing I plan on doing after the pandemic is over, is to spend time with friends and family and also start volunteering again. It would be nice to take a family vacation as well.

EPISD: Tell us about being on the Cross Country team and why you chose to participate?

AB: I chose to participate on the cross-country team because my brother had a fun time and I wanted to experience it for myself. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could run long distances. The people on the team were very friendly and encouraging.

EPISD: What high school will you be going to?

AB: I will be going to Silva Health Magnet High School so I can pursue my dream of becoming an oncologist.

EPISD: Anything you’d like to add?

AB: I am very grateful for my family, friends and teachers that have helped me through everything up to this point. I look forward to the challenges and doing my best to achieve all my goals.

Interview by Reneé de Santos