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More than 8,000 students participate in high impact tutoring

High impact tutoring high impact tutoring

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Oct. 6, 2021) — More than 8,000 EPISD students took advantage of the fall intersession’s high-impact tutoring program, which began today and runs through Friday.

“Our high-impact tutoring programs are designed to increase learning gains for students that have fallen behind over the past 18 months, likely as a result of COVID related school closures and disruptions,” said Michelle Wagoner, extended learning coordinator. “We are also supporting students (and campuses) in meeting the requirements of House Bill 4545 by providing this additional accelerated learning time.”

At Johnson Elementary, more than 90 of the students identified attended the first day of intersession tutoring.  Principal Rafael Guardardo was encouraged by students’ reaction to the first day of tutoring.

"I look forward to get to work and passing the test this year," one student told him. Another student told him “I feel sleepy but I'm glad I get to come to learn otherwise I'd be bored at home.”

Austin High drew 382 students to campus for tutoring Wednesday.  

“We had a great turnout,” said principal Cyndi Severns Ponce. “We are excited that our students are taking advantage of our intercession program and using the three days to complete their HB4545 Accelerated Learning hours they need to help them pass their EOC exams.”

Charles Middle students gathered around their tutor and sat in groups – working a bit differently than they would during regular school.

“The kids are saying, ‘it’s not so bad. It’s ok. We got this,’” said AP Ana Montes, HB4545 coordinator.

She’s also finding that qualifying students involved in extracurriculars want to come to tutoring to help get them back involved.

“The intersession opportunity allows them to get this out of the way without interfering with sports,” she said.

Characteristics of high-impact tutoring include:

  • Well-trained, consistent tutors who build strong relationships with students.
  • High-quality instructional materials aligned to standards and core classwork.
  • One-to-one or small-group support.
  • Data-driven, aligned formative assessments, with tutors building sessions around student strengths and needs. 

Story by Reneé de Santos

Photos by Leonel Monroy Jr.