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EPISD makes personnel announcements

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- June 13, 2019) — The El Paso Independent School District on Friday announced the appointment of experienced educators to key campus and school leadership positions.

Anna Torres is EPISD’s interim Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools. Torres will join Dr. Blanca Garcia, EPISD’s other Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools, in supporting and guiding the District’s elementary campuses. Torres most recently served as EPISD’s Coordinator of Improvement Planning in the Academics and Leadership Division.

Teresa Zamarripa is the new Director of Transformation Talent Development in EPISD’s Office of Transformation, where she will provide leadership development to the schools that form part of the District’s Transformation Zone. Zamarripa most recently served as principal at Guillen Middle School. 

Dr. Armando Gallegos is the interim principal at Jefferson High and the Silva Health Magnet. Gallegos previously served as principal at Morehead Middle School. Angela Henderson, EPISD’s Assistant Superintendent of Middle Schools, will oversee Morehead in the interim.

Corina Favela is the permanent principal at Brown Middle School. Favela had served as interim principal at Brown since January and previously also served as interim principal at Charles Middle School.

Leticia Ewing is the permanent principal at Terrace Hills Middle School as well as Collins Elementary School. The two campuses will merge to form the new Bobby Joe Hill PreK-8 School under the Bond 2016 program. Ewing has been principal at Collins since 2011 and was named interim at Terrace Hills in March.

Monica Lyons is the interim principal at Guillen Middle School. Lyons previously served as assistant principal at Irvin High School.

Story by Gustavo Reveles