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Federal Impact Aid Survey can help EPISD secure funds

Federal Impact Aid Survey

Sept. 1, 2021


Dear EPISD Families,

EPISD receives Federal Impact Aid in lieu of property taxes to help offset the tax exemption of federal property within the District’s boundaries. The aid is used to fund educational programming and other resources designed to improve the education of children.

To qualify for aid, the District must indicate enrollment figures in several categories, including students with parents who are active military, students who live in federal property, or students whose parents work or have contracts on federal land.

All EPISD parents will receive an email with a link to the 2021 Federal Impact Aid Survey. Links to the survey may also be found in Parent Portal and Student Portal. Your participation could help EPISD receive the appropriate funding to help our students.

The survey opens Sept. 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Voytko at or 230-2781.

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