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A&A All the Way Foundation donates 300 turkeys to Hawkins community

(HAWKINS ELEMENTARY – Nov. 22, 2022) – Alvin Jones Jr. and the A&A All the Way Foundation handed out 300 turkeys to the Hawkins community Monday with help from the Burges High School girls varsity basketball team.

A&A All the Way partnered with the Great Khalid Foundation and Albertson’s for the annual event. A line of cars greeted Jones and the volunteers, who were handing the turkeys out to community members driving by the school and neighbors who walked up for the Thanksgiving staple. Khalid’s mom Linda Wolfe and Jones’ sister Chelsi’rae Walker also participated in the annual event.

“You can feel how appreciative they are,” Jones said. “It’s just a great feeling.”

Principal Adriana Ruiz sees the importance of the event to her school community and is grateful for the generosity of the foundations.

“It’s a special tradition because Mr. Jones was a big part of this and it’s nice that the family continues because they see the need,” she said. “It puts a smile on my face knowing that we’re giving back to the community and that they will have a good Thanksgiving – especially with prices right now. We know that people are struggling.”