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They are back!

Teachers Return 2019  Teachers Return 2019

Teachers Return 2019  Teachers Return 2019  Teachers Return 2019  Teachers Return 2019  Teachers Return 2019  Teachers Return 2019

(EL PASO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT -- Aug. 6) — Teachers throughout EPISD returned to work this week after a well-deserved summer of rest, and they’re now getting ready to welcome back students for high-quality teaching and learning.

The teachers will spend the week putting together lesson plans, setting up their classrooms, and getting trained on the latest instructional techniques. Then, it’s on to the first day of school on Monday, Aug. 12.

Even though this past weekend was a difficult one for El Pasoans due to the tragedy that our city endured, that didn’t stop our educators from coming together and being productive during their first day back at work.

“All educators know our job is not easy and we begin our school year reminding ourselves why we do what we do,” Andress High School teacher Maribel Ruiz said. “We do it to provide our students access to better opportunities no matter the circumstances.”

Welcome back EPISD Teachers! You’re the best!

Story by Hector Gonzalez
Photos by Leonel Monroy