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When Bassett Middle School re-opens for on campus instruction, the following safety protocols will be followed: 

  • Parents should screen students before they board the bus or come to campus.  If a student has a fever or feels ill, keep the student home. 
  • All students must have a mask.  It is also recommended that students bring a water bottle since most water fountains have been turned off. 
  • Students will not be allowed to enter the building until 7:00 AM. 
  • Student will line-up at the main entrance and socially distance (6 feet apart) and be screened for their temperature upon entering the building. 
  • Hallways have directional arrows that permit movement in only one direction.  Students, visitors, faculty, and staff will follow the directional arrows. 
  • Students are required to socially distance when walking in the halls.  Students are not allowed to group together and loiter in the hallways. 
  • Everyone will wear a mask at all times while in the building or standing in lines to enter the building.  The only exception is while students/faculty/staff are eating breakfast or lunch. 
  • Safety measures will be monitored and strictly enforced.


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