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Online Registration

Brown Middle School Parents,

This is a reminder that Online Registration is open, use Google Chrome, go to and click on registration.  All students must register every year whether there are changes to personal information or not. Keep in mind that online registration is not complete until you have clicked on the "Submit" button.  If you are experiencing problems signing in to your account, please DO NOT create a new account as this creates more problems.  If you do not remember the email account associated with your online registration account or should you have any other questions, please email Isabel Gallegos, Registrar at  Please copy and paste the error message you are receiving.  If you are unable to do this please give a detailed description of any issues you are experiencing.  The sooner you get this done the more time we will have to correct any problems with your registration. We are not sure as to when we will be returning to campus so we are asking that all required documents for registration be uploaded to your online registration account.  If you have already completed registration and still need to upload any of the required documents, you can go back in and upload them to your account.   

The section where it requests, "contact information" is important. Please be sure to enter contact information for both parents, where each parent lives if they are not living in the same home as the student, who is and is not allowed to pick up student, and all guardian contact information.  If you are a guardian or stepparent, please upload all pertinent documentation stating as such. 

Finally, and this is very important: please enter any and all prior schools your child has attended.  This allows us to contact the prior school to get important information related to your child's education.   

Thank you very much.